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Online Programming:

Do you have goals and don't know how to reach them? Do you train at the gym and don't follow a structured program? 

We will Provide you with a personalised program for your goals. This includes a tailored program, nutrition advice, goal setting consultation as well as consistent accountability to keep you on track.

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1 on 1 Personal Training:

60min or 30min Personal training session that will incorporate a movement screening and a session that will allow you to improve performance.

Be the player that the coach cant take out of the game.

1 on 1 On-Court Skills Session*:

Its Necessary to gain the physical tools for sport, however if you cant incorporate it into game situations it is lost. 

Come and Train 1 on 1 on the court to hone in your skills and make that difference before you step into the game.

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Team Performance Testing:

If the team you coach or the team you play in does not do strength and conditioning at some point in their season, then this is for you.

Be the team that outlasts the opponent, be the team that wins on the boards and creates more possessions.

Following an Assessment of each player on the team, with this you receive the areas of strength and weaknesses that need to be addressed.

A program is then created to assist the coach in creating well rounded athletes that stay injury free.

Team/Group Coaching:

Team Coaching is offered in many ways which include:

  • Strength & Conditioning Training

  • Speed & Footwork Training

  • On-Court Skills Training (Basketball)

  • Team Coaching (Basketball)

  • Pre-Training Physical Preparation

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